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Company Profile

Shinhyeong INT is a molding company that was established in 2000.

Shinhyeong INT manufactures a diverse range of mold products in both domestic
and overseas markets based on its numerous experiences and technological prowess.

Shinhyeong INT specializes in manufacturing car cradles.
Its products mainly consist of car cradles for smartphones, selfie sticks,
and smartphone cases, and these products are supplied and sold through
both online and offline distribution channels.

Shinhyeong INT also stands out for its manufacturing of medical equipment
and electrical appliances, possessing various model utility and design patents.

It has also launched its own brand "Xenomix".

Shinhyeong INT continues to push forward with research and development
of various products in order to set new trends and create an unrivaled brand
so that the word "car cradle" will be synonymous with the "Xenomix" brand.

In addition, Shinhyeong INT has succeeded in developing various products
and exporting overseas to markets such as the United States, Europe, Japan, etc.
and plans to utilize these achievements as the driving force for expanding its business area
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